Welcome to Palmetto Sports Imaging! We are a brand new sports photography company located in Columbia, South Carolina. We specialize in action photography, team photo's, individual photo's, and more! We are looking for more schools around the state of South Carolina to work with, so if you and your school would like for our photographers to get high quality images of your team in action, please have your coach, or athletic directors contact us! We look forward to bringing superior images for your athletic families to be amazed by, game by game!

Palmetto-prep vs Alabama Prep-10

State Championship Images

Did your team participate in a State Championship game? Check here to see if we got images of your athletes in action!

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Partner School Images

Check out photo galleries from our partner schools here. If your athlete is a player of Gray Collegiate, Ridge View, or Palmetto Prep. Click here to see your teams game images!

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Special Event Images

Special event images can be found here, such as SCDI, Bojangles Bash and more coming in the future.

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University of South Carolina

Gamecock Lacrosse

Images from the 2017 season of the University of South Carolina Lacrosse team can be purchased here. Images from Clemson, College of Charleston, Charlotte, and Virginia Tech are available. We hope to continue again next season!
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