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gca 2018 softball team and individuals-13

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Digital : High Res Digital(1200x1800)$24.99$0.00
Digital : Low Res Digital (for use on social media, can not be printed)(600x900)$9.99$0.00
Package A (two 8x10 team,three 8x10 individual,three 5x7 individual,16 wallets, two 3 inch buttons,one double sided keychain, one 8x10 memorymate)$89.99$0.00
Package B ( two 8x10 team, two 8x10 individual, three 5x7 individual, 16 wallets, one 3 inch button,one 8x10 memorymate)$74.99$0.00
Package C (one 8x10 team, two 8x10 individual, two 5x7 individual,8 wallets,one 3 inch button)$59.99$0.00
Package D ( 8x10 team, (1) 8x10 Individual, (2) 5x7 Individuals, 8 wallets)$39.99$0.00
Package E (one 5x7 team, two 5x7 individual, 8 wallets)$29.99$0.00
Package F (one 5x7 team, one 5x7 individual, 4 wallets)$24.99$0.00
8x10 team$19.99$0.00
5x7 Individual$10.00$0.00
Wallet Sheet ( 8 wallets per sheet)$10.00$0.00
Vinyl Mini Banner$30.00$0.00
8x10 Wooden Plaque (8x10 on 9x12)$40.00$0.00
double sided bag tag (has image, jersey number, name, and school logo)$17.99$0.00
8x10 Memory Mate (Individual photo and team photo composited onto background)$30.00$0.00
3 Inch Button$7.00$0.00
(two) 3 Inch Buttons$10.00$0.00
5x7 acrylic statue$24.99$0.00
1.5"x2" Keychain double side$12.00$0.00
12x18 poster Will be double sided with team photo on back and image chosen on front.$20.00$0.00
(TWO) 12x18 posters Will be double sided with team photo on back and image chosen on front.$30.00$0.00
18x28 Poster single sided$30.00$0.00
2ft x 3 ft Senior Banner$45.00$0.00
3ft x 4ft Senior Banner$60.00$0.00
Stadium cushion seat (Photo Printed as image onto cushion seat)$35.00$0.00
Stadium cushion seat (Image edited onto a new age background with player name, jersey number and mascot logo)$50.00$0.00
8x10 Individual$19.99$0.00
License plate (composited image with customized with school logo, image, school name, and athlete name)$19.99$0.00
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