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Zero Skateboards Demo Columbia SC

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Monday July 31st Jamie Thomas led his team of A-list pro skateboarders to demonstrate their bag of tricks on the local Owens Field Skatepark.
While Team riders, Tommy Sandoval, Windsor James, Dane Burman, Tony Cervantes,Jamie Tancowny, James Brockman, and Chris Wimer took to the street course and pool. “The Chief” Jamie Thomas made rounds with locals in a few games of SKATE. Even team manager Kurt Hodge got in on some skating. When you hear the name ZERO in skateboarding you cant help but to think of stairs and handrails. The team did not disappoint spectators on the small Owens Field 5 stair and rail. Kickflip overcrook, lipslides, nollie big heel, and even an alley-oop frontside flip over the handrail are just a few of the tricks that went down. ¬†Check out the gallery below for a few images from the riders, and spectators below. Shout outs to David Toole at Bluetile Skateshop for helping organize this demo and getting the Zero team back to Columbia.

Photo’s by Troy Browder

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